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We are the Trusted Acura Specialists

With the same pledge to quality as Acura, Garber Collision Center has an unmatched commitment to the safety and satisfaction of the clients we serve. Proudly comprised of the highest-trained technicians in the field, Garber Collision Center is Acura ProFirst and I-CAR Gold certified, standing among the top 10% of body shops in the industry. Garber Collision Center specializes in Acura repair, and would be happy to discuss the needs of your vehicle with you.

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Specializing in All Acura Models

We specialize in providing collision repair services for every Acura model.

Before & After Photos

View our portfolio of recently completed collision repair services.

2017 Porsche Macan

Before & after photo of recently completed collision repair services on a 2017 Porsche Macan. The experts at Garber Collision Center in Rochester got this vehicle back…


2014 Acura TL

Before & after photo of recently completed collision repair services on a 2014 Acura TL. The experts at Garber Collision Center in Rochester got this vehicle…


2017 Volkswagen Tiguan

Before & after photo of recently completed collision repair services on a 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan. The experts at Garber Collision Center in Rochester got this vehicle…


2014 Audi S5 Quattro Prestige

Before & after photo of recently completed collision repair services on a 2014 Audi S5 Quattro Prestige. The experts at Garber Collision Center in Rochester got…


Professional Repair Process

Garber Collision Center offers a simple, five-step process to ensure your vehicle is inspected, repaired, and certified by industry experts- all while we take care of the paperwork with the insurance provider. We believe that when it comes to your car, all you should worry about is enjoying the drive.


Acura Collision Repair Services

We specialize in providing a wide range of collision repair services to bring your Acura back to like-new condition.

auto-dent-repair-garber-collision-center-rochester-nyTrust your vehicle to Garber Collision Center for all of your auto dent removal needs. Required when the metal of your vehicle is stretched upon impact, or when the dent is too deep to extract, traditional dent repair is an excellent choice. In most cases, Garber Collision Center will remove the body panels, taillights, and interior panels as needed to reach the underside of the dent. Typically, Bondo is applied to fill in the dent, and the vehicle is painted using Garber Collision Center’s computerized paint-matching system.

bumper-repair-garber-collision-center-rochester-nyThe bumper is designed to protect the vehicle’s structure by absorbing the impact in the event of an accident. Trust your bumper repair to the I-CAR certified technicians at Garber Collision Center. Many bumpers can be repaired to their factory finish, allowing accurate blending of paint in the repair process.

fender-repair-garber-collision-center-rochester-nyWhether your vehicle is made of aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber, the expert technicians at Garber Collision Center are trained to restore fenders to their pre-accident condition. Our I-CAR and ProFirst certified team carefully repairs the fender by manipulating the material to restore the fender’s original shape and fit. Once the fender is repaired, it is primed, sanded, and painted using a state-of-the-art computer match program, so you can enjoy the newly-restored vehicle you’ve been missing.

auto-paint-repair-garber-collision-center-rochester-nyPaint chips, scratches, and dings can happen anywhere. Fortunately the I-CAR Gold certified Garber Collision Center provides the industry’s top technicians to get your paint finish looking new again. Starting with a clean surface, the technician at Garber Collision Center preps, primes, and paints the affected area using a state-of-the-art computerized color-matching system. Finishing off with a final buff and polish, as well as a written lifetime warranty, you’ll be on your way in a vehicle that looks good as new!

paintless-dent-repair-garber-collision-center-rochester-nyThe experts at Garber Collision Center lead the industry in paintless dent Repair. Less invasive than traditional dent removal, paintless dent repair works with the flexibility of original factory paint to restore a vehicle to its factory finish. During the repair process, your expert technician will carefully knead or use suction to relieve the vehicle of the dent without affecting the paint, making for an often times less expensive repair while decreasing turnaround time.

auto-glass-repair-garber-collision-center-rochester-nyIf the laminated glass on your vehicle becomes damaged- whether it be cracked, chipped, or shattered in a collision- timely repair is vital for the safety of you and your passenger. As an I-CAR Gold, ProFirst, and VeriFacts VQ certified facility, Garber Collision Center is committed to restoring your auto glass to its original factory specifications. Experts in laminated and tempered glass repair, the technicians at Garber Collision Center have repaired the glass of thousands of vehicles. Always using OEM resins with the highest quality tools to ensure proper sealing, Garber Collision Center is the destination for your auto glass repairs.

auto-painting-garber-collision-center-rochester-nyAuto painting is an art, demanding meticulous attention. Garber Collision Center is I-CAR Gold and ProFirst certified, with extensive experience in auto painting. Whether it be repairing minor dings, dents, or stone chips, or restoring entire sheets of the vehicle to factory specifications, the expert technicians at Garber Collision Center are up to the task. Using state-of-the-art computerized color matching software, the technicians at Garber Collision Center meticulously prep, prime, paint, and blend to ensure a seamless and flawless application. It’s the gold standard in auto painting, and it’s only at Garber Collision Center.

windshield-repairs-garber-collision-center-rochester-nyThe windshield is actually two sheets of glass, held together by an inner layer of polyvinyl butyrate, supporting up to 70% of the vehicle’s weight in a rollover accident. Stone chips and cracks severely compromise the structure of the windshield, posing a serious safety risk in the event of an accident. Garber Collision Center is I-CAR Gold certified, dedicated to the safety and security of you and your passengers. Providing windshield replacement or repair, often while you wait, the technicians at Garber Collision Center will work to restore your vehicle’s windshield to the standards set by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

Auto Insurance Partners

We work collaboratively with all major insurance partners to provide our carrier partners, and their clients, the industry’s best collision repair service.

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